Sunday Nights

Sundays. Oh Sunday. The day before I have to go back to work. The day that is reserved for Church, chores, and all things regarding teaching. I’m also a youth leader at my church so the afternoons are completely devoted to that. Needless to say my Sundays are busy, more busy than the weekday sometimes!

Tonight is different though. Tonight I got a glimpse of a relaxing Sunday. I still went to church, but I watched it online from the comfort of my bed. I still did the dishes, laundry, and meal prepped, but I did it with music on and without a time crunch.

I graded papers. Lots of them. Put in grades, sent reminders for parent/teacher conferences and made lesson plans. I did this from my bedroom. My bed is taken over by papers!


Now it is 8 p.m, my bed is clear of the papers, my workout clothes are ready to go for tomorrow. My alarms are set. I have a cup of tea cooling off and a good book ready to go. I feel well rested. I feel prepared for Monday.

This is a different feeling for me. I’m used to running around Sunday morning getting to church, rushing home to get stuff done, then driving across town to be a youth leader from 2:30-8:30 when I finally get home. All to quickly eat dinner, and do everything else I need to get done. Typically I don’t mind this schedule.

This weekend was a nice reset. I enjoyed taking extra time in bed this morning. I LOVED staying in leggings and an oversized shirt all day. I enjoyed time with my husband instead of rushing around for other people. I’m really glad I got so much done but still feel refreshed for the week. I miss this feeling. I’m glad I got it back for a snippet of time.

Happy Sunday.